Changes to Interface

Changed Step 2:Prison & Address Interface

I had noticed that many volunteers were confused by the interface of Step 2 of the Log a Package workflow.  The old interface showed both the pulldown menu to select a prison that is already in the database and the form to add a new prison.  Many people filled out the add a new prison form and completely missed the pulldown.  The new interface defaults to the pull-down menu, hiding the form to add a new prison.  By clicking a labeled link, the pull-down menu is hidden and the add a new prison form is revealed.

Watch a screencast showing the new interface

Added additional information to the Inmate List


At the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project, we are only able to send people books every 2 months to ensure more equitable access to our resources.  Someone must check incoming letters to see whether the person requesting books has received books recently and file the letters away for later if the writer has received books recently.

I added additional information to the results of an inmate search to show the date that the last package was sent  to the inmate.  This makes it easy for our volunteers to find out this required information with a minimum number of clicks.

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