ISBN lookup and package editing are now fixed!

In the last week, developers have fixed two important bits of functionality in Testament.

ISBN Lookup

Alex Berry fixed ISBN autocompletion for books when logging a package.  Right now, the feature uses Open Library for lookups, but there are plans to add other book data sources to be able to match the widest range of ISBNs.

Package Edit View

I fixed the package editing view, which was taking a very long time to load.  The page loads quickly now, and if you want to change the recipient of a package, just click in the input and start typing the inmate’s name or number and you can select the recipient from an autocompleting list.

To change a package's recipient, simply click in the input and start typing the inmate's name or number. Then click on the new recipient in the drop-down list.

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2 Responses to ISBN lookup and package editing are now fixed!

  1. is there a new testament site? after giving up on it (too few hands, too many letters) a few years back we decided to start databasing again, only to see that the last packages entered were in january 2011! can it be?

  2. The site is still and is being actively used by The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project. I don’t think that MWPP sends to folks outside of a loose definition of the Midwest, so its likely that incarcerated folk that you’re looking at haven’t gotten books from a group that logs in the database since the NYC group stopped using the system. Let me know if you have any questions about the system and I’m happy to touch base and get you back up and running.

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