riseup.net needs your help

From an e-mail sent to riseup users:

The people behind riseup.net consist of about ten active collective members and volunteers at any given time. Unfortunately, we work on riseup.net in the small bits of free time we have available: after school or work, on the weekends, late at night. This is not enough!
Currently, our workload is enough for at least ten full time workers. We do have two people who work full time on riseup.net, and receive a small stipend of $300 per month, which is not enough to survive.

We have a dream that some day the community support for riseup.net will match the time and resources it takes to keep riseup.net running. If you have put in a help ticket recently, we apologize for the delay: we receive about five hundred questions a month, and are currently working hard to catch up.

Most people are familiar with our email and mailing list services, but we have many other exciting projects going on behind the scenes, including: a tech collective incubation project, a community colocation project, free software development, and a suite of security and privacy patches.

If you believe, as we do, that liberatory social movements must have control over their own means of communication, then we invite you to run to our donation page at http://riseup.net/donate. If you live in the Global South, we ask that you do not donate to riseup.net but keep local whatever resources you have.

in solidarity,
the riseup collective