Herbert J. Rieth III art opening @ sweet hickory. 8-11p. free.


Friday, December 14th 2007
at sweet hickory
(317 east 3rd st in bloomington)
an opening of paintings by
Herbert J. Rieth III
show will run until January 24th 2-8pm daily (normal gallery hours)

Artist Statement and Bio

As an artist Herb Rieth has explored many different media and conceptual territories. His works range from discrete and succinct mixed media wall pieces to traditional oil painting in addition to open ended installations that incorporate viewer interaction and play.

One of his main areas of focus is the use of cloth as a signifier as well as a formal element within his work. This has taken the form of pillows used by the audience to construct their own meanings as well as in a two dimensional format to seat images in time and to contextualize them in terms of social class and function.

Recent topics of exploration have included the use of cartoon imagery as filtered through the Chicago Imagist movement, exploring disjuncture through quilted cloth and use of camouflage as a form of landscape.

He has exhibited nationally in the United States in juried competitions (winning top honors in the 2006 Northern National Juried Exhibition), invitational exhibitions (recently at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN) and various national and regional group shows.

Mr. Rieth has also begun to lecture on his work extensively, at various venues from Community Colleges to large state Universities.

As a long time resident of Bloomington, Herb played in various local bands including The Doo Dads, The Squash Blossom String Pullers Orchestra and The Ballroom Roustabouts.

Currently living in Starkville, Mississippi, Herb teaches Drawing and Design at Mississippi State University after stints teaching at Ohio Northern University and University of Cincinnati.

Edible Secrets: A food tour of classified 20th century US history Art Opening @ Sweet Hickory (317. E. 3rd St.). 7-10p. free.

Edible Secrets is a guided museum installation by Bloomington resident Michael Hoerger of previously classified US government documents interconnected through the theme of food. The exibit runs through October 14, 2007. For more information about the show, contact michaelismichael@gmail.com.

art opening for show of photos by jeremy hogan @ sweet hickory. 6-10p.


Jeremy Hogan is a local photographer, photojournalist, and filmmaker whose documentary work often appears in the Herald Times but has appeared in other publications nationwide.   For years he has existed at the periphery of youth culture and counter culture and many of his photos document these movements, scenes, and communities.

The show at Sweet Hickory will feature photographs of protests and photos depicting life in Bloomington.  The show opens December 17, 2006 with an event from 6-10pm.  The show will run daily until January 19th.  Sweet Hickory is located at 317 E 3rd St. in downtown Bloomington.  For more info, contact Ryan at 812.369.5284.