I hit the snooze button on my phone alarm when I heard the rain pouring down and realized that I wasn’t going to be skating with Kevey this morning.

So, I woke up late and my day fealt rushed and frustrating from on out, never quite getting enough sunlight to feel awake and alive, though the warmth was nice.

The sickly chick didn’t make it through the night, sadly.

podcast mix:

punk stuff I want to hear more of:

  • contrepetera (or is it contrapatera ?)
  • eskorbuto
  • lost world
  • ekkaia
  • ballast

I sat in on Corinna and Riley’s radio show, the Manion companion, trying to learn a few things on the way to getting a show myself, and it was really interesting to see the ease with which they did the show, even with some minor difficulties.  They both have this very interesting, varried, and nonchalant taste in music that is both compelling and intimidating.  It was only the second time I got to hear their show.