new free healthcare clinic to open in bton

So this was off the radar for me and a bunch of people that I know, but it’s pretty exciting. The existing CHAPS clinic is being supplanted by a new free clinic operated by Volunteers in Medicine of Monroe County which is slated to open in April. According to Nathan Ringham, the clinic “will serve as a primary and urgent care clinic for uninsured residents of Monroe and Owen County, whose household incomes are less than 200% of the federal poverty level. Nearly all services will be free and provided almost entirely by volunteer medical practitioners. ”

There is an informational video that describes the clinic’s mission. I thought some of the imagery used in the video perpetuated the stereotype of the uninsured as unhealthy, unhappy, and dependent, which was unfortunate. The clinic sounds like a really good thing, however.

Link to VIM Monroe County website


I was surprised at what 200% of the federal poverty level means.  For 2006, if your income falls within the following, you would qualify to receive healthcare services from the new clinic:

Persons in Household Household Income
1 $19,600
2 $26,400
3 $33,200
4 $40,000
5 $46,800
6 $53,600
7 $60,400
8 $67,200