The Mary Timony Band w/ Welcome, E.P. Hall, + more @ Uncle Fester’s. 10p. $5. 21+.

From a press release by the promoter:


The Mary Timony Band

Known for fronting the Boston-based noise-pop trio Helium, singer/guitarist Mary Timony was born and raised in Washington, D.C., later studying viola at the city’s Duke Ellington School of the Arts. During the early 1990s she fronted Autoclave, a short-lived but highly-regarded girl-punk quartet which issued a pair of EPs on Dischord before dissolving; after graduating from Boston University with a degree in English literature, in 1992 Timony replaced Mary Lou Lord in an early incarnation of Helium, assuming full creative control of the group prior to the release of their acclaimed debut single “The American Jean.” Helium enjoyed a successful solo career on Matador Records. Later, Mary Timony split from Helium to start a solo career. The current touring band consists of Mary Timony on guitar and vocals, Joe Wong on drums, and Chad Molter (of Medications) on bass. “The Shapes We Make” was release May 8, 2007 by Kill Rock Stars Records.


Hailing from Seattle but arriving seemingly out of nowhere, Welcome are both distinct and familiar, at once drawing the listener in, and suggesting worlds of possibilities. An essentially traditional line-up of guitar bass and drums, dual (often double-tracked) vocals, and a couple of guitars (admittedly augmented by some unconventional home made pedals and FX), the band appearing on ‘Sirs’ comprises Jo Claxton (bass, vocals), Jon Treneff (drums), Pete Brand (Vocals, Guitar), and Mike Wurn (Guitar). Dynamic, stunningly arranged, and prone to fly off at unpredictable angles, ‘Sirs’ possesses a gnarled beauty very much Welcome’s own. Melodic, Rhythmic and sonically ambitious, the record sits somewhere between the fractured, exploratory idealism of 60’s psych pop (The Creation, Revolver-era Beatles, Syd Barrett), and such non-conformist US alt/rock luminaries as Unwound, The Breeders and Deerhoof.

e.p. hall

Bloomington has seen many talented musicians living among its populace, and one female singer/songwriter rising among these ranks is known simply as e.p. hall. Her songs masterfully combine soulful vocal melodies and sparse guitar accompaniment. Her husband, the “lone logician,” adds to the moody atmosphere of the songs, playing keyboard and electronics.