Only An Orphan Girl play @ Edgewood High School’s Auditorium. 2p/7p. $5.

From a press-release:

Egdewood High School’s Masqued Crafters have selected the melodrama “Only An
Orphan Girl” for the May 1-4 spring play.

In this soul-stirring drama of human trails and tribulations, Nellie is a long-
suffering orphan who seems destined not only to lose her lover but her life as
well. When the smooth-talking Arthur Rutherford starts hanging around the farm
house he buys Nellie’s adopted family’s mortgage and swears the only way he’ll
return it is if Nellie will give him her hand in marriage. When she refuses,
because of the secret love she has for another, he continues to pursue her in
ways that put her life and the lives of her loved ones at risk. No one knows
the reason Arthur is so persistent in his proposal to Nellie. What will become
of the poor orphan Nellie, the evil villain and the equally evil villainous or
little Lucy, what will be her fate and the fate of her poor, poor old mother?
And our handsome hero, Dick, what of him? Only time will tell!

When: May 1-3 at 7:00 PM
May 4 at 2:00 PM
Where: Edgewood High School’s Auditorium

Ticket Cost: $5.00