cash rules everything around me

I’m soliciting funds again.  This time, to support a project that I work closely with called the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project (  We send free reading material to people incarcerated in juvenile facilities, prisons, and jails throughout the Midwest, Florida, and Arizona.  Our primary means of support is  through the donation of books and money to cover buying books and the ever-rising cost of postage.  To put things in perspective, it costs between $3-7 to send one package of free books to an incarcerated person.  With each biweekly mailing, we send 100-200 packages, so the expenses grow quickly.  Though this might seem like a costly and not-so-efficient way to get reading material to people, it is often the only access to information, ideas, and mental stimulation that many incarcerated people have.  This Saturday, I will be bowling in a Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser and I would appreciate your sponsorship.  You can read more about the event at and donate via PayPal by visiting

Thanks for your support,