Neighborhood Names

There was a pretty good article in the Redeye this morning about the confusion surrounding the names of neighborhoods in Chicago.  Living at the cusp, or at least what some bar owners want to convince people is the cusp of Lakeview and Wrigleyville (or is Wrigleyville part of Lakeview?), I feel this for sure.  Just as real-estate developers and realtors can create new names and changing populations can provide the momentum to change the name of a neighborhood, I think its also possible for names to be totally out of whack with the reality of the neighborhood.  2 weeks ago, I went to the Little Italy neighborhood with Chiara, and she was disappointed by the few remnants of Italian or Italian American culture that remained in the neighborhood.  Googling after we got home, she found out that the Italian American community there was largely displaced by gentrification cased by the expansion of the UIC campus.  I had remembered reading Florence Scala’s obituary in the paper, and though it was sad to see the changes that had affected her community, it was awesome to see the concrete reality of the place where she passionately worked to hold together a community.  I found out about Scala from a Wikipedia entry which quoted interviews that she did with Studs Terkel.  It seemed like such a great combination of old and new media.  I don’t know if I would have come across Scala’s story without Wikipedia, but Terkel’s interview added such richness to the telling of her story.