podcast #1

So I decided that I would try to make a little podcast radio show. This is the first attempt. The idea is to pick songs that kind of follow the things I’ve been doing and thinking about. The first show is songs that I discovered or thought of from my most recent trip out of town, to Detroit at the beginning of the month, and things I’ve heard in the last few weeks from around Bloomington before I leave town again tomorrow.

Set 1 – Detroit

  • Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Heatwave – Motown Legends Girl Groups Comp (Motown)
  • Boxcars – Shadows – Demo CDR (Self-released)
  • Violence and Tragedy – Above All – Breaking Ground Mixtape Comp (Detroit Summer Collective)
  • The Gibbons – The War On Terrorism Part One – Hope, Inc. (Salinas)
  • Blair – Into Darkness – Jet Black White Noise (Self Released?)

Set 2 – Bloomington

  • Matt & Kim – Silver Tiles – S/T CDR (that comes in the envelope with stamps, stains and postmarks) (Self-released)
  • Shapes & Sizes – Islands Gone Bad – Self-titled? (Self-released?)
  • Gal & Lad – Gardener – Demo CDR (Self-released)
  • Lemuria – Piranha – Self-titled (Art of the Underground/Standstill)
  • Mt. Gigantic – Raechel and her Children – Old Smiler (Friends & Relatives/Harlan)
  • Ganglion – Internal Compustion – Of The Deep (Self-released)

To listen, use the links below:


  1. I’m glad to see you making your own mp3 radio show. I’m might try making my own sometime, but I’m afraid of dealing with copyright since I probably won’t have “fair use”.

    What programs did you use to make it?

    Best of luck with future shows and I’ll be listening whenever I see one up. (I haven’t gotten myself to use RSS religiously yet.)

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