Boxcar Inventory Development Update

I updated the new_order form so that textbooks from MBS and Nebraska are automatically entered in as used:
Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)
Me.datestamp = Now()
If Me.distributor = “MBS Textbook Exchange” Or Me.distributor = “Nebraska Book Company” Then
Me.book_state = “Used”
Me.book_state = “New”
End If
Me.status = “On Order”
If IsNull(Me.Order_date.Value) Then
Me.Order_date = Format(Now(), “DD-MMM-YYYY”)
End If
End Sub

I also created a query, “Make Textbooks Used” to fix already entered textbooks.

For the online store, I added an in-store pickup option for shipping.  In the development version of the online inventory, I made it so shipping methods and properties are pulled from the database instead of hard-coded in.