Boxcar Inventory Development Update

The top seller queries weren’t working properly so I re-wrote them.  The update implementation is contained in the ‘book top sellers’, ‘books sold in last 2 months’, ‘comic/zine top sellers’, and ‘comics/zines sold in last 2 months’ queries.

online inventory replication batch program update

The Boxcar online inventory replication program wrapper batch file wasn’t working right because the SSH tunnel to the MySQL server kept dying. So, I modified the wrapper to test to make sure the server was up and then restart the service if it’s not before running the replication. The code looks like this:

mysql --user=*** --password=*** --batch --execute="SELECT value FROM online_status WHERE config = 'online'" boxcar_mirror
net stop "MySQLTunnel"
net start "MySQLTunnel"
cd "C:\Documents and Settings\n\Desktop\inventory and sales\online stuff\"
.\shutdown -u

Boxcar Inventory Development Update

I updated the new_order form so that textbooks from MBS and Nebraska are automatically entered in as used:
Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)
Me.datestamp = Now()
If Me.distributor = “MBS Textbook Exchange” Or Me.distributor = “Nebraska Book Company” Then
Me.book_state = “Used”
Me.book_state = “New”
End If
Me.status = “On Order”
If IsNull(Me.Order_date.Value) Then
Me.Order_date = Format(Now(), “DD-MMM-YYYY”)
End If
End Sub

I also created a query, “Make Textbooks Used” to fix already entered textbooks.

For the online store, I added an in-store pickup option for shipping.  In the development version of the online inventory, I made it so shipping methods and properties are pulled from the database instead of hard-coded in.

Boxcar Inventory Development Notes

Feature Request

  • Books from Nebraska Book Company and MBS should always show up as used when entered into the inventory. (Also, I need to create a query to fix the existing entries.)  The reason why this needs to be done is because currently, the inventory automatically enters all books from distributors as new, but with textbooks this isn’t the case.  This is deceiving for the online inventory.
  • Add multiple inventory ecit form.  Essentially this would allow you to change everything that you can in the inventory edit form.
  • Add pickup option for shipping in the online store (charge no shipping)


  • On Abbey’s request, display subject instead of section in check-in form..


  • Based on Joe and request added the section of books to be checked in so they can easily be organized as they’re being checked in for shelving.


  • From Erin’s request, made the top sellers queries be for the last 2 months. I renamed them Last Two Month’s Top Book Sellers and Last Two Month’s Top Comic/Zine Sellers.


  • Based on something that Colin mentioned to me, Zines now show up in the inventory report, even if they are priced


  • Added checkbox in check_in_order form to designate order that is a special order.
  • Zines and books in the Children’s section no longer show up in the discount fiction/non-fiction inventory report.
  • Added two queries named ‘This Month’s Top Book Sellers’ and ‘This Month’s Top Comic/Zine Sellers’ that do what they’re named.
  • I returned the book Mastering Microsoft Access 2000 Development (ISBN:0-672-31484-3) to the library. It was actually really helpful.