Help Florence get a smile

Florence needs braces in a pretty serious way (potential future jaw and other pain) and now is the time that it’s best for treatment to begin. Unfortunately, it costs some serious bank.

Chiara started a Facebook group to help Florence out:

Florence needs braces as soon as possible to fix her overbite and avoid future messes such as head aches, neck and mouth problems and such.

she needs it now as her bones are still growing, and the treatment is much more effective that way.

and guess what? the treatment is 6,400 dollars.
there is no way i can do this by myself. if you can help please do, if you cannot that’s ok. if you know someone who can, let them know.

You can donate via the PayPal badge on Chiara’s Facebook page.  Contact me if you have any questions or would like to make a donation by check.