Vegan Bake-Easy @ 209 N. Madison (6th and Madison). 2-8p. $5.

Vegan Bake-Easy
209 N. Madison Street (6th & Madison). No phone, follow the cupcake signs.
$5 drink & dessert special
All baked goods are made fresh and vegan.

From the Bake Easy’s founder:

The official opening of The Bake Easy was March 1st and I had a sneak
peak a couple of weeks before. All bakery items are vegan, prepared on
site and made fresh on Saturday. Last week’s menu: mexican hot
chocolate cupcakes with horchata icing, boston cream pie cupcakes,
gluten-free buckeyes, oatmeal-chocolate-coconut cookies, and cherry
plum vanilla pie. A total of 50 people have come to chow down on the
last two Saturdays, with repeat offenders who are not vegan, so I must
be doing something right.

Drinks include bottomless cups of coffee/tea, tall glasses of organic
juice and wine for those who are of age.The dessert quota is as
such:three of any combo of the the buckeyes + cookies, OR two of the
cupcakes, OR one giant piece of cake or pie. Feel free to bring your
friends, family and your pets! I’d love to see you and yours there.

The upcoming menu includes: rice pudding, bread pudding, orange-carrot
muffins with cream-cheese frosting, gluten-free buckeyes, and
oatmeal-chocolate-coconut cookies. The next three dates will be
Saturday, April 5th, April 19th, and May 3rd. My menus rotate but the
time is the very same! Trying to develop a webpage/blog but haven’t
quite got there yet. link will be at

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Tonight! The Dark, Dark, Dark; Glorytellers (ex-Karate), Sticky and the Bees, Morrow @ Bear’s Place. 10:30p. $5

Glorytellers sound interesting, but honestly, I am so stoked about the Dark, Dark, Dark.  They played randomly at the Wylie House last year in the hospital parking lot and were really amazing.  They are a 4 piece with accordian, banjo, random percussion, and upright bass.  They play spooky sounding songs with an old-timey feel.  One of the best parts of their songs are the sultry vocal harmonies.  I played their CD-R almost nonstop last year.

From the press release about this show:

Friday March 21
@ Bear’s Place
-Glorytellers (Southern Records)
-Sticky and the Bees (Bloomington)
-Morrow (Bloomington)
-surprise opening set by Dark Dark Dark (not Bloomington)
10:30pm (for real)

“The creative force behind Glorytellers is guitarist/singer/songwriter Geoff Farina, who spent the better part of 14 years fronting Boston’s genre-bending Karate, and as one-half of the formative lo-fi duo Secret Stars. Gavin McCarthy (Karate, Cul de Sac), Joshua Larue (Him/Mice Parade), Luther Gray III (Ida, Joe Morris Trio), and engineer Andy Hong are also part of Glorytellers.” And they play good music too. Real good.

This Bloomington 3-piece plays southern-tinged gloom-rock with a passion unbeknownst to their droopy indie-rock peers. You must see this. Brilliant.

Sticky and the Bees
This is a band from Bloomingotn. Nobody in the band is called “Sticky” and there are zero bees involved. No bears will be harmed during their performance, or at least not in direct relation to their actions or words or musics. And this band will be playing some new songs that nobody has heard yet (not even the band)!

Dark Dark Dark
This is a great indie-folk band. They are on tour, so do yourself (and them) a favor and check it out. They will play a short set promptly at 10:30 pm.

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good luck @ battle of the bands (bluebird). 10p. $3. 21+

Mike Harpring from Good Luck sent out the following in a mass e-mail:

Again, yes, for the third time even, we are asking those of you around bloomington to come to our battle of the bands performance tuesday night at the Bluebird. It is the semi finals and this time if we advance we get a free day at Russian Recording, which is where we are mixing our album. So basically, it is an extremely useful thing for us to win. Also if we advance we move to the last and FINAL battle where we could win $1500….so basically allowing us to release our cd.

So, this TUESDAY MARCH 11th

Women’s History Month Events

Women in Science Research Conference
Monday, Mar 3. 9a-2:30p
Solarium, Indiana Memorial Union

Su E Pian (Lady of the Moon): Women and Sexuality from the Kinsey Institute Asian Collections
Thursday, March 6th 7p
Asian Culture Center, 807 E 10th St

4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days film screening
Sunday, March 9 2p
Monroe County Public Library Auditorium

Yo Soy Boricua, Pa’que Tu Lo Sepas (I’m Boricua, Just So You Know!)!: An Interview with Rosie Perez
Thursday, Mar. 20th 7:00p
La Casa

“Human Trafficking and Sexual Tourism”
Friday, March 21 12:30-1:30p
Asian Cultural Center, 807 E. 10th St.

2007-08 Fifth Annual Herman Hudson Symposium (Theme: “Lifting the Veil: Multidisciplinary Responsibility in Global Societies”)
Saturday, March 22
Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center

Mujeres en la Artes: Creating a Tapestry of Expression
Thursday, Mar 27
La Casa

Documentary Screening of “Never Perfect” and Conversation with the Director/Filmmaker, Regina Par
Thursday, March 27 7p
Grand Hall, Neal Marshall Black Culture Center