gender roles in phishing e-mails

I found this spam in my Inbox.  Since starting to co-present the Building Healthy Relationships workshops and listening to Chiara’s stories about this I ‘ve become more conscious about the gender messages that mediate our day-to-day lives.

From the e-mail:

My name is Tessy, It is my pleasure writing you this mail as I saw your mail, I believe that we can be good friends partners or more in life I wish you can write an email through my email address then  tell me about you below is my email address for further comunications.

But in this part of my life I would like to be the woman in general. This may not be modern thinking but I am not a modern thinking feminist woman. In fact my dream is to be a wife spare her energy during the day so when a husband comes home at night he would feed off that energy. I do not believe this can be done
when both are tired from working all day.

And nothing brings a man home faster from work than the thought of his beautiful, sexy and rested wife waiting for him at home filled with romance and passion.

backing up my mail with isync

In the event that I switch mail providers, its good to have a backup. I found the isync program that seems like it will do a good job with this. Here is the command line I used to do the backup:

isync -1 -M mail_backup/ -L -s -u imap_username -a