Mailman Subscription Form with Drupal’s Webform

I’m trying to use Drupal’s webform module to make a subscription form to a Mailman mailing list.  Tracking thoughts and problems here.

I like webform because it stores form responses which might be useful.

Webform also lets you send e-mail on form submission and specify the sender/subject.  I was going to use this to send an e-mail from the address that user enters in the form to the -request address of the mailman list.

The problem is that the module lets you set the From: header but not the Sender: header and mailman uses the Sender: header to detect the requestor.


  • Find a way to use tokens to set the subject to be ‘subscribe address=
  • Try to send my own e-mail with PHP code specified in the Additional Processing textarea of the Webform advanced settings fieldset when editing my form.