craft night for boxcar prom @ microcosm hq (nw corner of 3rd + rodgers). 4p.

hey y'all!  come help make prom decorations so we can make the  
bluebird look sweeeet!  this is the biggest fundraiser of the year for  
both boxcar and pages, so we really need your help!

- 4pm on sunday (we'll go for hours, so show up whenever you can)
- sparky's house/microcosm headquarters (north-west corner of 3rd & rogers)
- bring any craft supplies you have (paint, markers, paper, cardboard,  

we are also building a decorating committee for the day of the prom.   
decorating starts at noon on saturday the 7th.  if you're into it,  
please e-mail me or sign up at boxcar.  yeah!


Recycling Volunteer Needed for downtown Soup Kitchen

Reposting from Milo Rose:

The Shalom Community Center (on 4th & Washington) needs a secondary person to pick up recycling as the amount has become cumbersome for the older woman who presently picks it & food leftovers up on Fridays & since Shalom staff are being more diligent about recycling, particularly in the kitchen.
Wednesdays after the food pantry (over @ 5:PM) would be preferable as there is a lot of cardboard that often gets dumpstered/not recycled. There are also usually a couple bags of large food cans & plastic jugs/jars. I prepare (sort & bag/box up) the recycling for Ms. Ferguson on Fridays & can show any volunteer where the containers are around the Shalom Ctr. or try to have everything outside ready for pick-up.
Pam Kinnaman, the Volunteer Coordinator, would also like any volunteers to go thru their basic orientation. I’ll CC her on this (see email above). The items are placed on a concrete landing by the dumpster just off the alley on the North side of the First United Methodist Church (the basement of which houses the Soup Kitchen open 8-9:30 & Noon-1:30).
The main resource center, which is open from 9-4 on weekdays, is just West/across the street near the bus station, on the right-up the ramp, on the correspondent alleyway.
Your help will greatly help the likelihood of the continuance of the recycling program @ the Shalom Ctr. They cannot afford the $400 a year for the MCSWMD to pick it up.
U may contact me, Mylo Roze @ or call or email Pam Kinnaman (Vol Coor): 334~5728,
Thanx greatly,
Mylo Roze