ripping realaudio to wav using mplayer

$ mplayer rtsp:// -ao pcm:file=hater.wav -vc dummy -vo null

This page was helpful as a reference.


  1. I was thinking about making a cron job to do this in order to capture the NPR shows that I like but which are not podcast at the moment. Great shows like Says You! and even This American Life I think are only available for $$ at

  2. That sounds like a great idea. Actually, TAL recently switched from using RealAudio files for their archive to using mp3s with m3u playlists for streaming. So, you don’t even have to rip the stream, you can just extract the mp3 filename from the .m3u file. I’m curious as to why they switched formats. In the past, they said that they offered the content only as mp3s on audible because they felt it was a good way to help get $ for the contributors to the shows. I guess, with the advent of software that makes extracting RealAudio only marginally difficult (the hardest part was deciding which of the many OSS media players to use for the ripping), maybe they feel like RealAudio doesn’t offer the protection that it once did, or maybe they got tired of paying the software licenses.

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