I wanted to write about Plan-It-X Fest as it was unfolding, but that didn’t happen.  I guess I’ll try to write about it in retrospect.  One thing that I’m really stoked about is that we organized an entire fest, with around 1000 participants, and spent less money on the whole thing than many cultural fests pay one artist!


In a way, the question of how you deal with the scumfucks who probably have been breaking into buildings around the fest is the same question as what you do with the wealthy college kids who live in the fancy apartments, is the same question as the ones asked by “The Hardest Question Ever”. How do you deal with being part of the same community but having a relationship between people that is fucking disfunctional or even violent?

Other hard questions:

Did the costs that we thought we saved keeping the fest cheap and loosely organized just  get transferred to the community at large?

Free Culture Workshop Meeting Notes

Video Screening



Technical Workshop

  • Remixing
    • Media Change as Remix (Audiorecord Poetry, upload to librivox or Audiorecord CC text and upload to archive/ourmedia)
    • Combine spoken word with music and sound effects to make audiomontage
  • Using CC licenses
    • Tagging audio files with CC metadata and uploading to
    • making your blog CC
    • flagging Images on Flickr as CC
  • Finding open content
    • Yahoo CC search
    • Images:,, Flickr
    • Sound clips: freesound project

Remix Collaboration

Introduce idea of making a remix publication at the first class.  People can network to make it throughout the week.
Length: 2 days, 2 hours each.  1st day is history/philosophy second day = hands on technical use, political action
Time constraints

Towards beginning of fest

Collaborate with filmmaking workshop to release their content as CC
Cultural Environmentalism – James Boyle

Other Topics

  • Non-digital free culture
    • Example: performances of copyrighted plays have to get permission.
  • Viral licenses
  • CC/Free Culture Business Models

Hand out live CDs, open content CDs on Tuesday the 11th, also at the open content
video screening


  • Research political action
  • Downhill battle
  • EFF
  • legislation that effects copyright
  • Research free culture business models/paradigms