New Years Eve Madness

Though there was a big party going on in Columbus, I opted to spend my New Years eve in PA. I was going to get in an extra day of snowboarding, but Tim was lazy and didn’t want to go. Damn him. Luckily, I made some cash doing some computer work for a local family. That night I went over to Kevin’s for some good, clean fun. The other benefit of spending New Year’s Eve with Tim and his friends is that I don’t have to see any of my friends drunk. I just can’t bear it. Seeing drunk people just makes me incredibly sad. All of the things I like about people just doesn’t happen when they’re drunk. So, I spent the night having the kind of raucous immature fun that I really miss from my younger days. We started out by gorging ourselves on pizza. We then whipped out the trivial pursuit board. Tim, Kevin, and I whipped up on Peter, David, and Kevin’s brother adding another tarnishing loss to Peter’s trivial pursuit record. Then someone had the bright idea of going for a run through the neighborhood. We ran, slapped some stop signs, and Tim set off some firecrackers. It was fun, but left us all feeling a little quesy. After the run, it was back to the basement where we played some Tekken and Peter read from a choose your own adventure book called “War With The Evil Power Master”. At that point Tim came out in his long underwear, boxer shorts, a pillow case over his head, and a nerf weapon on his arm proclaiming, “I am the Evil Power Master.” I quickly ushered him back into the room and insisted that he let me write “Evil Power Master” on his t-shirt. He came out. We died laughing. Kevin took pictures. We then played some game that was similar to the 10,000 dollar (or whatever the heck the monetary value is, i don’t sit glued to the gameshow network) pyramid. It was fun, but we soon grew tired of it and instead decided to play the perenial classroom favorite, QUIET BALL! Well, our game wasn’t exactly quiet, and the game takes on an interesting new dimension when you play it fully grown (hurling footballs in close quarters gets a bit frightening) but it was big fun. I took pictures. We headed upstairs to watch the countdown on MTV while some bad butt rock band played and drunken girls slutted about on the screen. Tim and the kids ran out into the street at midnight and shouted happy new year into the cold night air. Then it was back to the basement to grab the arsenal and then out to the field across the street. Tim has somehow ammassed a pretty amazing collection of illegal fireworks and we had a load of fun shooting off mortars, bottle rockets, and roman candles. We also tried to use a ton of Black Cats to blow up David’s 3 Doors Down CD, but it didn’t work. Obviously 3 Doors Down has made a deal with the devil. After the minutes of mindless destruction we watched a pretty bad anime called Sin, laughed at amihotornot.com, played the writing game and then joked around for a while before I got super tired, remembered my impending 6 hour drive, and got David to drive me home. It was crazy fun, it was youthful, innocent fun and the most fun that I have had on new years in a long time.