disaster show “capacity for cruelty” (2006.01.07)

January 9th, 2007 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

We played with John Anderson, Morrow, and Wastleand DC. For the slideshow, I projected this video from YouTube with a digital projector: and this text (from a soldier’s blog that I came across when excerpts were published in the copy of Best American Nonrequired Reading that my brother gave me as a Christmas gift) with […]

disaster show 2006.12.07 | politcal prisoners

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set list: research lightning strikes untitled (it’s new) death at an early age this is where we’re from new song human contradiction i human contradiction ii Update: I’ve uploaded the slideshow that we projected for this show. Link

ideas for disaster #7 slideshow

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Lightning Strikes: Climate change/Life change Video of Al Gore talking about climate change Global temperature change graph Global carbon emissions graph Retreat of the Northern Larsen ice shelf This is Where We’re From: 46 houses behind miles away Research: NOLA, voyeurism, ownership of tragedy Death at an early age: photos from palestine, privilege and solidarity

ripping realaudio to wav using mplayer

May 24th, 2006 by Geoffrey Hing | 2 Comments

$ mplayer rtsp://real.npr.org:80/real.npr.na-central/fa/20060414_fa_01.rm -ao pcm:file=hater.wav -vc dummy -vo null This page was helpful as a reference.

interesting potential disaster sample

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Lord Acton once said, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power absolutely.”  He could have gone on to say “and by the way, powerlessness also corrupts, and absolute powerlessness absolutely.”  That is, people who are opposing the government and feel they are getting no place tend towards bitterness, tend toward hatred.  They fight national righteousness […]

digital images -> slides

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It takes photo solutions 3 business days. 3-10 slides are $5.50 each. Format accepted: TIFF at 300dpi. Landscape orientation 4×6, 8×12 or equivalent aspect ratio

podcast on postal workers

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I’ve recently finally gotten into podcasts. I’ve thought they were a cool idea for a long time, but never really use them. I bought a dvd-rw drive so I could make a dvd slideshow for the last disaster show. I now use the slick (and multiplatform) juice to manage my subscriptions and then use the […]