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Finding duplicate records in a books to prisoners database application

December 9th, 2009 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

High on my list of neglected tech. projects is the Testament books to prisoners database web application.  This is the database program that projects like the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project use to track packages sent and returned and books requested in the hopes avoiding delays in delivering books to incarcerated people and to provide […]

Django: Querying data from the Python shell

April 13th, 2009 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

I needed to get some stats for some research that we’re doing and was happy to see that you can use Django and the python shell to query testament data in a way that’s database independent.  It’s a little unintuitive if you’re thinking in SQL mode, but it is usable and super-helpful.  I wanted to […]

Join the ninth annual CALLS FROM HOME radio broadcast for prisoners.

December 3rd, 2008 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

The United States has 2.4 million people behind bars. Thousand Kites wants you to lend your voice to a powerful grassroots radio broadcast that reaches into our nation’s prison and lets those inside know they are not forgotten. [] We are asking you to call our toll-free line 877-518-0606 and speak directly to those behind […]

Reading across the lines

August 20th, 2008 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

The book group I’m facilitating at the county jail met again this past week, interrupting an Uno game going on in the common area of the cell block.  I had just played a game of Uno that afternoon, sprawled out across a post-picnic blanket on a grassy patch just above the lake.  Kids splashed below […]

diners, corrections, and community

July 14th, 2008 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

I’ve always loved diners, ever since I was a kid and going to Tucker’s this weekend on a trip to Cincinnati made me think about the role diners and other meeting places play as community anchors.  Then I saw the following article about a Rhode Island program for incarcerated youth that has them learning carpentry […]

Jail Book Group

July 8th, 2008 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

I’m trying to be better about posting what I’ve been doing lately.  Last night, the book group I’m facilitating through Pages and New Leaf New Life in the “therapeutic” block of the local jail met for the second time and we picked the book that we’re going to read, A Walk in the Woods by […]

A New Jail?!: Exploring Alternatives to Incarceration in Monroe County

April 25th, 2008 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

Saturday, May 3, 2008 Free A New Jail?!: Exploring Alternatives to Incarceration in Monroe County Events At: Boxcar Books 310A S. Washington St. Bloomington, IN 47401 (812) 339-8710 The Cinemat 123 S. Walnut St. (812) 333-4700 Bloomington, IN 47401 A day of popular education that will explore alternatives to the current proposal of […]

Mail a letter to Lambert Day

July 2nd, 2007 by Geoffrey Hing | 1 Comment

Lambert used to live in Bloomington, but, due to personal issues, movee away to join the Navy.  His mailing address is: S R Daniel-Marks, Lambert A Division 933 Ship 06 Recruit Training Command 3510 illinois St great lakes, IL 60088 quick sell mycroft plugin

June 1st, 2007 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

So Pages to Prisoners sells books that seem somewhat valuable and probably won’t get requested by folks in prison on as a fundraiser.  All proceeds go into supplies and postage for the project.  We get a lot of books sometimes, and I wanted to streamline the price lookup process.  So, I made a MyCroft […]

pages ISBN to title lookup info

May 10th, 2007 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

Alex Berry’s Z39.50 to web gateway: Lisa pointed me to everything I’d ever want to know about MARC records Some field codes: 100 author 245 title 650 subj 260 publisher 020 ISBN