Tribune analysis: Cops who pile up complaints routinely escape discipline

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This is a story that Jeremy Gorner and I wrote from police complaint data that Gorner got from an FOI request. Read the story, Tribune analysis: Cops who pile up complaints routinely escape discipline

New address, same concerns

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I contributed a bit of reporting to this story written by Ian Fullerton.  It was originally published in Skyline on September 29, 2010.  I covered the closing of the original location of Pie Hole Pizza Joint for the Medill News Service in May 2010. New address, same concerns Pie Hole Pizza Joint gets chilly welcome […]

Got the numbers

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At a time when little boxes inviting users to “retweet” or “like” a web page are everywhere, their absence is noticeable on the pages of organizations seeking tougher enforcement of immigration laws and a reduction in immigration levels. National organizations like Numbers USA have active presences on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube […]

Union leaders and alderman among 32 arrested at immigration rally

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It all went as planned. After warning protesters who were sitting in front of the doors of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices three times, an officer told the activists to stand and that they were being arrested. Thirty-two protesters who represented unions and immigration rights groups were lined up and led inside the building […]

13 arrested in LGBT rights protest outside Durbin’s office

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Rogers Park family fights to ward off eviction

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Rogers Park family fights to ward off eviction

Carol Vialdores and her children really need to not get evicted. “If I’m out of here, I’m going to be struggling,” Vialdores said this week. On Thursday Vialdores is scheduled to appear in eviction court where a jury is expected to decide whether her family will be able to stay in their Rogers Park apartment. […]

Taking the hard out of hardware: Project works to connect people to the internet

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Update 7/2/2010: Free Geek Chicago’s training classes have started. See their education page for details. Education has always been an important part of FreeGeek Chicago’s mission, but the project hasn’t had a systematic teaching program. Until now. Volunteers are converting part of the project’s Logan Square basement workshop into a classroom in preparation for classes […]

Foundation, politicians support housing proposals at Rogers Park meeting

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Community members filled the pews at Rogers Park Presbyterian Church Sunday, but not for a worship service, though people passing by the church might not have been able to tell the difference. “If you are moved to say ‘Amen’ or to clap, please don’t hold back,” said  the Rev. Debbie Paton, pastor of the church.  […]

Asian-American groups weigh in on state redistricting process

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Asian-American groups are pleased with Illinois Senate approval of a constitutional amendment to change a redistricting process that has split the community’s political power. But they haven’t stopped their advocacy yet. Group representatives had testified Monday in Springfield  before the State Senate Redistricting Committee, which  passed the proposed measure Monday, and the full Senate approved […]

Groups push preservation of affordable housing in Rogers Park

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The advocates will speak at a meeting in Rogers Park, organized by Lakeside Community Development Corporation and Northside POWER. It’s scheduled for 3 p.m. at Rogers Park Presbyterian Church, 7059 N. Greenview Ave. Organizers said they planned to discuss two topics at the meeting: a proposed tax increment financing district that would finance improvement and […]