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Floodlight is a web-based platform for telling community stories from people, places and organizations around the Denver metropolitan area.  The project was originally supported by The Piton Foundation and funded in part by a grant received as part of the Knight Foundation Community Information Challenge. Role Lead developer Details Since many of the stories told […]


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Testament is a Django-based prison book project management application originally written by Andrew Badr. It lets volunteers track sent and returned packages and inmate requests in the hopes of minimizing delays for inmates and helping the book projects evaluate their services for themselves and funders.  It is used by the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project […]

Draw the Line Midwest

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Open source mapping software allowed users to view state and federal legislative districts and draw their own district plans during the 2010 redistricting process. Role Integrating developer Details I deployed and customized instances of the open source District Builder software for a number of Midwestern states.  Users could view existing districts or create new district […]

Paying It Forward

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This was originally posted on the Local Fourth blog as part of my participation in a community media innovation project at the Medill School of Journalism. I’m finding the word community increasingly confusing, especially when navigating the world of hyperlocal publishing.  When someone says community, do they mean community like the city of Evanston, or […]

Finding duplicate records in a books to prisoners database application

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High on my list of neglected tech. projects is the Testament books to prisoners database web application.  This is the database program that projects like the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project use to track packages sent and returned and books requested in the hopes avoiding delays in delivering books to incarcerated people and to provide […]

Custom django-admin commands and PYTHONPATH

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Note to self:  If you want to make your custom django-admin command work, you need to have your django app in your PYTHONPATH.

Django: Querying data from the Python shell

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I needed to get some stats for some research that we’re doing and was happy to see that you can use Django and the python shell to query testament data in a way that’s database independent.  It’s a little unintuitive if you’re thinking in SQL mode, but it is usable and super-helpful.  I wanted to […]