Join the ninth annual CALLS FROM HOME radio broadcast for prisoners.

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The United States has 2.4 million people behind bars. Thousand Kites wants you to lend your voice to a powerful grassroots radio broadcast that reaches into our nation’s prison and lets those inside know they are not forgotten. [] We are asking you to call our toll-free line 877-518-0606 and speak directly to those behind […]

CR10 decompression

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This has been sitting in my drafts for way too long.  Just going to post it and maybe add to it later.  Besides, I wanted to post the conversation map which I think is pretty interesting … I got back from the CR10 conference in Oakland yesterday and still fill sleep deprived and like my […]

e-learning and a changing collegiate culture

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Online classes were just emerging as I left college.  There was a piece on Morning Edition this morning about the technology and trends in general and an instance of them at on University of Illinois branch.  I think this technology is inevitable and it does have some egalitarian advantages, as the president of the University […]


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So I’m still pretty transfixed on the population growth map from the New York Times that I wrote about a while ago.  I came across these two maps that were pretty damn intriguing.  One is of prison proliferation over the last century, and one is about privatized prisons and immigration enforcement.  It’s amazing all the […]

Prison Blog Posts

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Shannon Clark is an inmate from Arizona who blogs through the post at  He recently sent a few new posts about relationships, corrections staff, attitudes about gender and violence, and rehabilitation programs in the ADOC. Dope Choices Make a difference A Lying Junky Criminal A Mouse Following A Katt, Again

Facility Holding Terrorism Inmates Limits Communication

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The Justice Department has quietly opened a new prison unit in Indiana that houses a hodgepodge of second-tier terrorism inmates, most of them Arab Muslims, whose ability to communicate with the outside world has been tightly restricted. Link

little rock, houston

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prisoners’ inventions

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Browsing through boing boing at work, I found a link to a page and a book detailing inventions that people created out of necessity in prison. The project is described: This project was a collaboration with Angelo, an incarcerated artist. He illustrated many incredible inventions made by prisoners to fill needs that the restrictive environment […]

nytimes articles about prisons

December 24th, 2006 by Geoffrey Hing | No Comments

Towards the end of brunch at Mary’s Corinna and Riley showed up with a copy of the NY Times.  As the year comes to a close, I was once again reminded of how there seems to be a crazy consciousness of “prison issues” in the media in the last year.  I don’t quite understand it, […]

bloomington veteran resources

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Someone wrote pages asking for literature for veterans.  He said that incarcerated vets are pretty neglected by the government/military.  So, I’m trying to collect contact info for veterans groups so I can ask them about getting literature to make available to incarcerated people through pages. IU Office of Veterans Affairs Georgann Wilson 812.856.1985 […]