V Week events I’m stoked about

These are part of the V Week of Events. There’s lots more, but these were the ones that caught my eye.

2/6 Friday — Critical Mass & Speak Out
–Take to the streets in a critical mass bike ride to raise awareness of violence against women.

2/11 Wednesday — Film Screening & Teach-In, The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo @ 7:30PM
–Join us to view and discuss the documentary film that explores the violence faced daily by the girls and women of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Decarcerate Monroe County/Critical Resistance Fundraiser “Vegan Dessert Party!” @ 110 N. Maple St. 2-8p. $5.

Decarcerate Monroe County/Critical Resistance Fundraiser “Vegan Dessert Party!”

–Saturday, September 13th.
–110 N Maple Street

Support local jail resistance and help us get to CR10 in Oakland, CA!! Decarcerate Monroe County(DMC) is a Bloomington-based coalition resisting jail expansion and working toward meaningful alternatives to incarceration. CR10 is the tenth anniversary conference of Critical Resistance, a national grassroots organization working against the prison industrial complex- DMC will be hosting a panel of local anti-jail campaigns at CR10!! Please join us for a dessert party. The cost is only $5, and the food is served buffet style, so you can try whatever you like. There will be a number of different items, from cakes to pies, cookies to breads. All of the items are vegan and many will be wheat-free. Refreshments (tea, coffee, etc) will also be served. Please stop by, have a bite to eat, and support DMC. To donate $$ directly over the internet, please visit: http://criticalresist.live.radicaldesigns.org/article.php?id=55 Just click on the orange “donate now” button at the bottom of the page, and please specify that you want your donation to go into the CR10 travel fund, on behalf of Bloomington, IN.

Defiance, Ohio; K-9; Beyond Things at Lower Cascades Waterfall Pavilion. 6p. $donation.

So in an attempt to make my life seem less disconnected, I wanted to tell you all about a show that I’m playing with the band that I play in and have been on tour with for the last 2 weeks.

Sunday, August 31.
Lower Cascades Waterfall Pavilion, Bloomington, IN
(see http://bloomington.in.gov/documents/viewDocument.php?document_id=274  for directions)

Defiance, Ohio (that’s me! punk rock with violin and cello)
K-9 (Detroit jam rock with viola and homemade instruments)
Beyond Things (Bloomington O.G.s playing pretty, brooding songs.  Hear them yourself at http://www.myspace.com/ephemeropteramusic)

Come a little early and bring some food to share!  Bring young or old friends!  Bring your pets!

Some folks who have been involved in I-69 resistance are going to have a table and talk a bit about what’s been going down recently.

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book sale @ the midwest pages to prisoners project. 10a-5p.

Pages Book Sale

the midwest pages to prisoners project is moving to a smaller space!  as a result we need to downsize our collection by selling duplicate copies or books that are rarely requested by the incarcerated people that we serve.  prices will be $1/hardcover, $0.50/paperback, and  after 2pm, $2 for whatever you can fit in a bag.  all proceeds from this sale benefit our continued efforts of sending free books to incarcerated people. e-mail mwpp@pagestoprisoners.org for more information.

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“I Want to Do This All Day”: performance and discussion about redefining learning @ Monroe County Public Libary Rm. 1B/1C. 2pm. Free.

Event At:
The Monroe County Public Library
303 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47408
(812) 349-3050

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Audio Documentary on Radical Education to Debut in Bloomington with Performance

In March and April of 2006, Amina Althea and Amber Woods visited 23 radical learning spaces, including free schools, charter and private schools, community centers, and after school programs. During that time, their travels brought them to Bloomington’s own Harmony Educational Center.  At Harmony, and the other learning spaces, they interviewed students, parents, teachers, and administrators about creating and sustaining these non-compulsory, non-coercive environments for learning and projects.

Based on these interviews and extensive research, Althea and Woods produced an audio documentary, entitled “I Want To Do This All Day.” It illuminates a grassroots movement of people and communities taking power over their own education and creating learning environments based on freedom, cooperation and social change.

In May and June of 2008, the pair will launch the documentary with a national tour of 17 cities. At each stop four dancers and two visual artists will offer a performance piece, that weaves excerpts from the documentary with dance, song, and projections to bring to life the stories of young people making their own paths in learning and life.

Accompanying the Bloomington stop of the documentary tour will be a workshop and performance entitled “Is this your social movement? The magic of popular education.”  This performance will be an introduction to the idea of popular education presented through a magic show.

Finally, there will be an open discussion about the ideas presented in the performances and their relevence to learning communities in Bloomington as well as ideas and practices that can help to rethink and redefine education here in Monroe County.

For more information about the “I Want to Do This All Day” documentary, performance, and tour, please visit its website at http://www.dothisallday.org.

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Ahleuchatistas, Planets, Basilica, Impure Jazz @ Art Hospital. 8p. $4.

June 19,

Art Hospital

8:00 P.M.






Impure Jazz


On June 19th, the Art Hospital will host four instrumental groups who transcend their complexity throughout their high-energy performances.


From Asheville, N.C., Ahleuchatistas (it’s the name of a Charlie Parker tune and it sounds like it’s spelled) is a trio that writes slick, memorable jazz licks, then hammers them out with grinding drums, whirlwind guitar, and rock-solid bass.  “And while Ahleuchatistas could be grouped in with punk or with metal or with some sort of avant-jazz, they aren’t exactly any of those things. They are simply a tight three-piece making their own noise and cranking out great albums nearly every year.” — Pop Matters


Napa, California’s Planets .  Their explosive duo represents the new standard in high-energy music, made famous by Lightning Bolt and Hella.


Basilica’s wild compositions for two violins, two guitars, drums, bass, and video projections continue to make a bold, radiant impression on Bloomingon.  They will be performing an almost entirely new set.


Impure Jazz is a trio building on a solid base of rock music.  They find tasty licks, then decorate them with snappy rhythms and bright harmonies. 






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Oxford Collapse; Everything, Now!; Knifey Spoonie @ Bear’s Place. 10p. $7. 21+

Oxford Collapse (Sub Pop Records)
Everything, Now! (Indianapolis)
Knifey Spoonie (Bloomington)
@ Bear’s Place
Wednesday, June 11

They have a new album coming out on Sub Pop in August, so you will be
some of the first to hear some new material from this uber-fun
indie-pop band! And they will probably play some of your old
favorites too… if you ask nicely and buy them some chicken wings.

Everything, Now!
The Indianapolis powerhouse that you know and love is coming back to
Bloomington for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

Knifey Spoonie
I see you’ve played Knifey Spoonie before… This new Bloomington band
definitely deserves to be seen and heard by you and yours.

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