So Oliver is trying to figure out what’s best for his kids, Stuse is working on an audio documentary about alternatives in education from the roadtrip of free schools and alternative schools she took in the spring, Ben is reading Teruvina’s copy of the Teenage Liberation Handbook, and Patrick’s friend Rich is working on a web portal designed to encourage science and engineering study for kids in Indiana, but seemingly lacking an underlying educational vision.  All of these things came up in the course of one weekend, which is a little crazy.  At least regarding Rich’s situation, I found this link on boingboing to the awesome Instructables website that shows a student in Ghana making his own headphones.  So, it seems like the science fair on the Internet with feedback model has some merit.  I think it speaks to one important idea – that kid-specific content and knowledge frameworks aren’t nearly as successful as kids finding an interface to real knowledge frameworks whether it’s the public library, Instructables, or Wikipedia.