Recycling Volunteer Needed for downtown Soup Kitchen

Reposting from Milo Rose:

The Shalom Community Center (on 4th & Washington) needs a secondary person to pick up recycling as the amount has become cumbersome for the older woman who presently picks it & food leftovers up on Fridays & since Shalom staff are being more diligent about recycling, particularly in the kitchen.
Wednesdays after the food pantry (over @ 5:PM) would be preferable as there is a lot of cardboard that often gets dumpstered/not recycled. There are also usually a couple bags of large food cans & plastic jugs/jars. I prepare (sort & bag/box up) the recycling for Ms. Ferguson on Fridays & can show any volunteer where the containers are around the Shalom Ctr. or try to have everything outside ready for pick-up.
Pam Kinnaman, the Volunteer Coordinator, would also like any volunteers to go thru their basic orientation. I’ll CC her on this (see email above). The items are placed on a concrete landing by the dumpster just off the alley on the North side of the First United Methodist Church (the basement of which houses the Soup Kitchen open 8-9:30 & Noon-1:30).
The main resource center, which is open from 9-4 on weekdays, is just West/across the street near the bus station, on the right-up the ramp, on the correspondent alleyway.
Your help will greatly help the likelihood of the continuance of the recycling program @ the Shalom Ctr. They cannot afford the $400 a year for the MCSWMD to pick it up.
U may contact me, Mylo Roze @ or call or email Pam Kinnaman (Vol Coor): 334~5728,
Thanx greatly,
Mylo Roze