Citizens for Effective Justice interview on WFHB’s Interchange tonight

Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project:

Mylo Roze will be interviewing representatives of Citizen’s for Effective Justice on tonight’s (8/29) interchange program on WFHB. Mylo writes:

Rev. Hal Taylor & Vid Beldavs, the President & Secretary (respectively) of Citizens for Effective Justice, an advocacy group for prisoners in Monroe County Jail that started up in reaction to the TASERing death of James Borden in the Jail about 3 years ago. They have received a large grant & are being integrated into County governance.

You can listen to Interchange starting at 6pm on WFHB in Bloomington at 98.1 (and 91.3) FM or stream it on the web from I believe that there a podcast and archive of the show will be posted at eventually.