Spinal Muscular Atrophy

My friend Nathan forwarded me this message. It’s hard to be reminded of all the need in the world, which I think becomes more apparent around the holidays.  I find I always catch myself doing some kind of triage – in a world of finite resources, is it fair that people coming from mostly backgrounds of privilege and imprisoned for political action or members of the independent music scene can so easy to leverage digital networks to drum up grassroots financial support while others stay completely off the radar for people’s holiday charity?  But this kind of thinking is completely assy and ultimately infinitely regressive.  In a world of finite resources, it seems you can only help where you can, everywhere you can.

J. Robbins–whose name you know if you were ever a fan of Jawbox,  Burning Airlines, or the dozens of records he produced–needs our  help. His infant son, Cal, has been diagnosed Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is usually fatal before the age of two. Paying for the treatments Cal needs are not covered by J’s insurance and are very expensive. Please consider donating at the link below. Merry Christmas everybody, and thanks for being so good to rivulets this past year.

Remember: Jesus doesn’t care about shopping.