Fernandez leaving Finelight

Chris Colvard pointed me to this HT article. The last sentence is pretty ominous for the future of development in Bloomington.

Prior to joining Finelight, he served as mayor of Bloomington from 1996 to 2003. During his two terms, he worked to bring millions of dollars in new investments downtown — most notably redevelopment of several apartment buildings.

First Capital Group’s president and founder Tim J. Mitchell and the other partners hope to take advantage of that experience.

“As a company, we plan to leverage his expertise in governmental relations as well as his vast knowledge of local, state and national economic incentives to expand First Capital nationally,” Mitchell said in a statement.



I was just looking through old posts, and I came to this one.  I think another thing that I find really disturbing about this is just the total lack of accountability or responsibility by decision makers and the huge seperation between those who make decisions and those who are affected by them.  Fernandez can be instrumental in a pretty destructive project and then just leave that business and move on to other things, whereas the implications of the process that he initiated will have a long-lasting impact on life in Bloomington.