disaster show 2006.04.09

We played at Uncle Festers’ Punrk Rock Night which is like some kind of right of passage for Bloomignton Punk bands, getting out of the comfort of the basement and getting into the murky warmth of the bar.  This would have made me pretty uncomfortable a few years ago, but I kind of appreciate the novelty.   Boogdish played and talked fast and crazy and I dare say I was engaged by it.  Basillica played and to me they sound like Dillinger Escape Plan with violins.  I think it’s pretty good, but unrellenting.  They had this guy who organized the videacy series last year do some projections and they were triggered by a midi unit with triggers connected to the drummer’s kick pedal and snare.  A punk band with lots of metal influences called chapstick played.  After they played I overheard them talking about the migration of people from the city of Detroit to the suburbs, but still claiming Detroit as being part of their identity.  There’s that map again. Crazy.  Punk rock night shows go so late, and neither Rawny or Kevey wanted to play last.  It was between either us or Os to play last, and Benny had to work at 8a, so we decided to just set up together and trade off songs which made things move faster, was really fun, and made for a nice end to a somewhat strange show.  I projected this video that I took while on Defiance, Ohio tour while we played:

Rawny and I also made patches with help from Mike.  The text is from the poem Toward Strength by Kimiko Hahn and the floral print is from the embossing on the cover of an old book I found in Sparky’s basement