Gutbucket, Mouthbreather, Basilica, Stringzz, Goodhands Team @ Fester’s. 10p. $5.

Thursday, October 11th
10 PM at Uncle Fester’s

Gutbucket is the new darling of the downtown New York music scene that nurtured such giants as John Zorn’s ‘Masada’ and ‘Bang on a Can’.  Some call it “jazz-punk” but “cartoon-thrash-indie or psychedelic” could be added to the genre pool.

Mouthbreather hasn’t cut short their lust for wildly energetic rock and roll, despite the fact that they are kick-ass musicians.  Imagine if The Stooges put on magic hats and suddenly had chops like Dillinger Escape Plan.

Basilica can be heard as chamber-music, noise-rock, tech-grind,  post-whatever, or a colossal absurdity.  Their explosion of guitars, bass, drums, violins, and visuals is one of Bloomington’s most truly provocative performances.

Stringzz plays some old and new charts for jazz string quartet and rhythm section.  These young performers will fill the room with the sweetest tones and hottest licks but always with the ripe smell of soul.

Goodhands Team is an anomaly.  Ask 2 people about them and you’ll hear about 3 different versions of GHT.  Electronic and acoustic, rhythmic but aleatoric, GHT exists as a precious abberation.