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I always feel like I get this burst of inspiration from travel.

Rawny != Geoff Press Conference

After the youtube video where a commentor wondered if the band was my side project (because Rawny was playing in it) and being mistaken for me by the waitress at Wee Willies, I think it would be an interesting statement to have a press conference (and website, pamphlet, other mirrors of public education campaigns?) to “publicize” that Rawny and I are not the same person.


  • What’s the medium for this – youtube? ksm? an actual live event?
  • Who should ask the questions?  Should they be preformated, or try to get actual ones?

Defiance, Ohio tour show and tell

Get proposals from people in all the cities where there are tour dates for 5 minute presentations that could be something they’ve made, a skill they’re sharing, info about a community project, sharing an idea, presenting a question to a group of people …