Imapfilter certs

January 29th, 2009  |  Published in note to self  |  2 Comments

I was having trouble SSHing into my workstation.  It would just hang at the login.  I was worried that I had gotten 0wn3d.  I logged in at the console and ran top and saw that there were a bunch of runaway imapfilter proccesses from my cron runs.

I ran imapfilter from the command line and got the following error:

ATTENTION: SSL/TLS certificate fingerprint mismatch.
Proceed with the connection (y/n)? y

In order to get rid of this error and make it cronable again, I had to delete the contents of ~/.imapfilter/certificates and re-run imapfilter from the command line, telling the program to accept the cert permanently.

This mailing list post was very helpful.

I’m still going to lock down my box anyway.

  • Thanks, helpful

  • 3 years later and this quick article helped me out. Thanks! I copied an old .imapfilter config/cert to a new computer (hadn’t run it in a while) and I guess the certs got out of date. Your suggestion worked perfectly. Just cleared out the file, ran it again, accepted permanently, worked perfectly! Cheers 🙂