Disaster, Auryn, Ox-Eye @ 110 N. Maple. 9p. $3.

May 3 Show Flyer

DIY Punk Show with Disaster, Auryn, and Ox-Eye
Saturday, May 3
110 N. Maple (near intersection of Kirkwood and Maple)


Bloomington hardcore punk with songs about skateboarding and social justice.  Songs for download at http://disaster.terrorware.com/audio/demo


Playing songs that are pretty and heavy, Auryn comes on tour from Pittsburgh, PA and features members of many well-known Pennsylvania-based hardcore bands.  They have songs you can listen to at http://www.myspace.com/aurynpgh


Donovan and Joel’s newly named bass and drum band.   They play music that is at times, thick, technical, rocking, and idiosyncratic.  This is what happens when you combine someone who likes Limp Wrist with someone who likes Mike Patton-style metal.

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A New Jail?!: Exploring Alternatives to Incarceration in Monroe County

May 3 Jail Education Banner
Saturday, May 3, 2008
A New Jail?!: Exploring Alternatives to Incarceration in Monroe County

Events At:

Boxcar Books
310A S. Washington St.
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 339-8710


The Cinemat
123 S. Walnut St.
(812) 333-4700
Bloomington, IN 47401

A day of popular education that will explore alternatives to the current proposal of building new adult and youth jails in Bloomington. Through interactive workshops featuring community members, non-profits, experienced activists, and YOU, we will explore: What is the history of incarceration in Monroe County? What are some existing community alternatives to incarceration in Bloomington and other parts of the country? What have successful campaigns to challenge other jail constructions looked like? Several workshops will offer education, training, and networking opportunities for local folks questioning the need for new jails. The day’s events will culminate with special guest speaker Kai Barrow from Critical Resistance. This is an open event, with people from all backgrounds and political beliefs encouraged to attend.

Workshop One- 11:00 am, Boxcar Books
A discussion and Presentation on the History of the Monroe County Jail System

This workshop will begin with an interview from Indiana University Criminal Justice Department faculty member, Hal Pepinsky. Following the interview will be a facilitated discussion on the history of the jail, encouraging input from community members in piecing together the jail’s history and the sharing of personal and familial experiences with the jail.

Workshop Two- 2:00 pm, Boxcar Books
A Panel Discussion on Alternatives to Incarceration

This workshop will explore community alternatives to incarceration in Bloomington, as well as highlight successful initiatives from around the country. Representatives from different organizations will speak briefly about how their work keeps people out of jail by offering positive responses to poverty, homelessness, hunger, and conflict that enrich and restore community. Workshop attendees will be able to offer their own perspectives on what makes a community safe and whole.

Film Screening- 4:00 pm, The Cinemat
Yes, In My Backyard, A documentary by Tracy Huling

Financially-strapped communities are now begging for prisons to be built in their backyards. With plundering agribusiness, military-base closings and major industry relocation, incarceration is seen as the salvation of rural communities. Through the eyes of one farming-community-turned-prison-town, this hour documentary explores the increasing and multi-layered dependence of rural America on prison industries and subtly probes the profound implications of this dependence for both the keepers and the kept, and for our society’s understanding of and response to crime.

Workshop Three- 6:00 pm, Boxcar Books
Potluck Dinner and Discussion with Kai Barrow from Critical Resistance

Kai Barrow, one of five paid staff persons for Critical Resistance, a national grassroots organization committed to ending society’s use of prisons and policing as an answer to social problems, will lead a discussion

For more press, interview, or further contact information, please use information below:

Judah Schept
(812) 219-3611

Download a flyer for this event (PDF)



7-10 PM
free.. food and drinks provided.

“I’m 21 years old, a senior at indiana university studying art education. My art tends to be about nature and the psyche. Our minds play so many tricks, they can rarely be trusted sometimes. I like to think about how my mind might make the forest scarier than it really is, or a little more psychedelic. In essence, all we have is what we can see, feel, and experience. And this is what i see based on what i experience.”

317 e. 3rd st in BLOOMINGTON!

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Only An Orphan Girl play @ Edgewood High School’s Auditorium. 2p/7p. $5.

From a press-release:

Egdewood High School’s Masqued Crafters have selected the melodrama “Only An
Orphan Girl” for the May 1-4 spring play.

In this soul-stirring drama of human trails and tribulations, Nellie is a long-
suffering orphan who seems destined not only to lose her lover but her life as
well. When the smooth-talking Arthur Rutherford starts hanging around the farm
house he buys Nellie’s adopted family’s mortgage and swears the only way he’ll
return it is if Nellie will give him her hand in marriage. When she refuses,
because of the secret love she has for another, he continues to pursue her in
ways that put her life and the lives of her loved ones at risk. No one knows
the reason Arthur is so persistent in his proposal to Nellie. What will become
of the poor orphan Nellie, the evil villain and the equally evil villainous or
little Lucy, what will be her fate and the fate of her poor, poor old mother?
And our handsome hero, Dick, what of him? Only time will tell!

When: May 1-3 at 7:00 PM
May 4 at 2:00 PM
Where: Edgewood High School’s Auditorium

Ticket Cost: $5.00

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Thursdays in Black


Thursday’s in Black is an international event. It began as a grassroots response to rape and violence against women in Argentina in early 1970’s. During that time in Argentina, women were being raped, murdered, and disappearing in alarming numbers. In, response local feminist organizers begin organizing “Thursday’s in Black” to raise awareness about the violence that women faced, and to put pressure on governmental officials to do more to stop the violence.

Since those beginnings, Thursday’s in Black has been taken up by communities in Bosnia, Israel, the Sudan, New Zealand and throughout Europe. It has more recently begun happening in the United States, mostly on college campuses. Indiana University students initiated the campaign on this campus for the first time in April 2004.

Thursday’s in Black is always locally organized. There is no international, national, or even state-wide effort to create or build on Thursday’s in Black. In this way local communities create their own Thursday’s in Black in a way that makes the most sense for them and which addresses the specific issues faced by their own community.

At IU, RAISE (Raising Awareness of Interactions in Sexual Encounters) is the student organization at the forefront of sexual assault awareness and prevention initiatives on campus. In addition to training volunteers as peer presenters for the “He Said, She Said” interactive workshop, RAISE also has a men’s program called “No Excuse” and looks for campus education and organizing opportunities around these issues. We believe that the solution to rape and violence against women lies within the culture of campus and the performance of masculinity.

RAISE works in partnership with Middleway House (the local women’s  shelter and rape crisis line) and other community-based groups. Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) are two key campaigns within this community-wide education and organizing effort. Thursday’s in Black is but one of the efforts that we organize during April.

RAISE and Middleway House invite you to participate in Thursday’s in Black in ways that make the most sense for you. We have developed this organizing packet to assist you in raising awareness about the issues, but there are plenty of other  things you can do. You can also contact us to find out about the other events and programs happening during April or October. You can invite one of our peer educators to come speak to your group, club, floor, house or class about the issues and/or about how you can be part of the solution. You can become a volunteer in RAISE yourself. You can  organize a vigil in your neighborhood in honor of the victims of sexual assault or domestic violence. You can organize an ongoing discussion group about the issues and explore how your community is affected (RAISE volunteers can also assist you in organizing this effort or providing speakers or facilitators).

Sexual Assault and domestic violence has an impact on all parts of our campus and community and every person can be part of the solution. Demand an end to Rape and Violence!!! Thank-you for taking a part and we look forward to working with you.

For More information, Contact:
Office of Women’s Affairs
Memorial Hall East

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Rad 5 Fest

4/8 – Rad 5 Day I: Counts of Bounce, Ready T @ Bloomington Playwrights Project

4/9 – Rad 5 Day II: Flosstradamus, Action Jackson, Flufftronix @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater | $13 advance, $15 day of | Order tickets now!

4/10 – Rad 5 Day III: Fancy Footwork w/Action Jackson + Special Guest DJ Wushu @ The Cinemat | $5

4/11 – Rad 5 Day IV: Day: Bike Parade, meet at Sample Gates at 4PM. 11PM: Feist Afterparty @ Bloomington Playwrights Project w/DJ Pumpkin Patch, Totally Michael, Flufftronix, and Action Jackson | $5

4/12 – Rad 5 Day V: Closing Party! @ Secret Location TBA on rad5.info

Sale: 78s, LPs, cassettes, CDs and Books @ Hoagy Carmichael Room (006) of Morrison Hall on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus. 10a-5p.

The Archives of Traditional Music announces a sale of duplicate sound recordings (78s, LPs, cassettes, CDs) and books throughout the genres/subjects of jazz, world, folk, blues opera, reggae, rock, classical, opera, folklore, anthropology and music history.

The sale will take place Friday April 4 from 10:00am to 5:00pm in the Hoagy Carmichael Room (006) of Morrison Hall on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus.

All items will be priced at or below $3.00, with most items priced at $1.00.  They will accept checks and cash.  The proceeds of this sale will go towards the ATM’s mission towards “the preservation and dissemination of the world’s music and oral traditions.”


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