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Twitterfeed tweeting a bookmark
Twitterfeed tweeting a bookmark

After becoming a more avid Twitter user, I’ve noticed that many people tweet things they’ve bookmarked or links to their blog entries.  I love to be able to follow this kind of thing, but to do it personally seems like a lot of work.  I like to share bookmarks and my friends are twitter (but not users, but it seems like is so much better at saving and sharing bookmarks.  I want to tweet my blog posts and bookmarks, but don’t want to have to do it specifically.  I realized this when I started using Goodreads’ twitter update functionality to tweet automatically when I tag a book as reading or to-read.

Twitterfeed + tagging – a solution

I found the Twitterfeed service that converts an RSS feed to tweets and set it to read the RSS feed for my bookmarks.

But, I don’t want to bombard my twitter followers with tweets every time I bookmark something or write a blog entry.  Luckily, generates tag specific feeds and I’m sure I could get WordPress to do this without too many problems.  So, I’ll just point twitterfeed at a tag-specific feed and tag everything i want to be tweeted with that tag (e.g. tweetit)

Update: The tag specific feed for a wordpress blog is /wp-rss2.php?tag=your_tag or /feed?tag=your_tag