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CPS School Budgets

On Monday, July 13, 2015, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) released preliminary spending plans for the 2015-2016 school year. Many schools face significant budget cups. We made a simple [news app to let users explore how different school budgets changed]( Additional coverage: * [CPS Budget: Deep Cuts For Neighborhood Schools, Cash Infusion For Charters]( (DNAinfo Chicago) […]

Chicago Police Department accountability coverage

Updated September 21, 2015 IPRA fails to pursue potential crime by cops caught on video (WBEZ) Video of a police raid on a tanning salon in 2013 shows Chicago Police officers engaging in potentially criminal activity. Some of that activity was reviewed by the Independent Police Review Authority, but other potential crimes by cops were […]

Become a Better Programmer Through Mundane Programming

“Become a Better Programmer Through Mundane Programming” is a session that Dan Nguyen and I did at SRCCON this year. Here’s the description from the session page One of the most difficult challenges for learning programmers is being able to go beyond basic lessons to building “the next Facebook”, or even just applying programming to […]

Tribune analysis: Cops who pile up complaints routinely escape discipline

This is a story that Jeremy Gorner and I wrote from police complaint data that Gorner got from an FOI request. Read the story, Tribune analysis: Cops who pile up complaints routinely escape discipline

Introducing Clarify

Source has a blog post that Derek Willis and I wrote about Clarify, a small Python library for parsing data from Clarity Election Night Reporting (ENR) systems. This was developed during OpenNews’ Elections Code Convening, which was really fun, productive and a compelling alternative to hackathons as a model for collaborative hacking.

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Cleaner Data

Along with David Eads, I gave a talk on cleaning data based on my experience working with convictions and elections data at the Chicago School of Data Conference. The session detail page is here and my slides are here. You might find my speaker notes helpful. They’re in the GitHub repo for the slide deck. […]

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New music for back to school

Prince (the other one) How ya been feelin'/More of this by PRINCE I work up this morning to the din of the first day of school. Even being out of school for a while, I feel like the fall still has this sense of beginning to me, even as the summer comes to the close. […]

Tools for visualizing network graphs

yEd – Graph Editor Gephi NodeXL Visual Investigative Scenarios Neo4J

Tools for extracting structured data from a PDF file

These are tools that have been suggested to me to extract structured data from a PDF files: pdftotext from xpdf CometDocs Cogniview PDF2Excel Tabula

New music for early August

Richard The Third by Richard Album and The Singles I play in a cover band with the drummer of the Singles and he had a great one-liner describing this band which was something like “theatric power pop”. This is their new record and they’re on tour now. Richard The Third by Richard Album and The […]

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