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New music for early August

Richard The Third by Richard Album and The Singles I play in a cover band with the drummer of the Singles and he had a great one-liner describing this band which was something like “theatric power pop”. This is their new record and they’re on tour now. Richard The Third by Richard Album and The […]

Lock straps

I love my Soma Porteur Rack and I love how it helps me take weight off of my body and onto my bike. However, my small u-lock didn’t securely fit on the rack with a single bungee chord. So, I sewed these straps out of 1 1/2″ velcro. I’m interested in seeing if the velcro […]

The Che Cafe vs. profit-seeking models at public universities

The Che Cafe, a collectively run all-ages music venue in San Diego, is facing closure by university administrators. Luckily, a court has temporarily halted their eviction. It’s a nice venue and I’ve played there with Defiance, Ohio a number of times. Long-running, all-ages, DIY spaces are important, but this this paragraph from a press release […]

Fuzzy-matching strategies

This is a list of strategies for doing quick fuzzy matches that I’m summarizing from a thread that started on June 9, 2014 on the NICAR-L mailing list. Fuzzy Lookup Excel Add-on This add-on created by Microsoft can be downloaded here. It reportedly runs into trouble when trying to match ~3000 records with another ~3000 […]

Rewriting URLs for static files using PHP’s built-in webserver

I don’t particularly like coding in PHP, but I do think WordPress works well for building websites for small organizations in certain use cases. PHPs built-in webserver, which was added in recent versions of PHP helps make PHP web development feel closer to my flow using other languages and frameworks. In particular, it removes the […]

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My first Divvy ride

I was riding to a party at a friends house when I heard a clattering below me. I looked down and realized that three spokes had broken, likely casualties of a winter of moisture and corrosive salts and a springtime of crater-like potholes. I needed to get around the West Side to run a few […]

Notes and connections from reading “It’s Complicated”

Here are a few quotations that stood out to me as I was reading danah boyd’s recent work on youth and social media, It’s Complicated. Since finishing the book, it’s been a useful frame for thinking about media stories about the Internet. While boyd’s focus and research practice was around youth use of social media, […]

New music

One Foot in Front of the Other by Lonesome Leash Demo by Escalofrio Demo by Anomaly the chorus by Hot Tears Dorner vs. Tookie by HELLFYRE CLUB 7″ by all dogs

The human search engine

I’m working my way through danah boyd’s recent book, It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens and really enjoy it.  It describes the Internet in a way that feels like it actually is, situated somewhere between our worst fears, and highest aspirations for technology.  Framing youth through their use of social media also serves to […]

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Hack for storing pot lids

I’m not particularly averse to clutter, but getting met with a landslide of pot lids when I’m trying to make food quickly can be really frustrating.  I’ve lived in a different house or apartment almost every year I’ve lived in Chicago, so the space often dictates where furniture goes and where items go on the […]

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