Free Culture Workshop Meeting Notes

Video Screening



Technical Workshop

  • Remixing
    • Media Change as Remix (Audiorecord Poetry, upload to librivox or Audiorecord CC text and upload to archive/ourmedia)
    • Combine spoken word with music and sound effects to make audiomontage
  • Using CC licenses
    • Tagging audio files with CC metadata and uploading to
    • making your blog CC
    • flagging Images on Flickr as CC
  • Finding open content
    • Yahoo CC search
    • Images:,, Flickr
    • Sound clips: freesound project

Remix Collaboration

Introduce idea of making a remix publication at the first class.  People can network to make it throughout the week.
Length: 2 days, 2 hours each.  1st day is history/philosophy second day = hands on technical use, political action
Time constraints

Towards beginning of fest

Collaborate with filmmaking workshop to release their content as CC
Cultural Environmentalism – James Boyle

Other Topics

  • Non-digital free culture
    • Example: performances of copyrighted plays have to get permission.
  • Viral licenses
  • CC/Free Culture Business Models

Hand out live CDs, open content CDs on Tuesday the 11th, also at the open content
video screening


  • Research political action
  • Downhill battle
  • EFF
  • legislation that effects copyright
  • Research free culture business models/paradigms