Fixing annoying behavior in various Linux desktop appss

I finally got off my butt and fixed a few things that had been driving me nuts with the settings on my workstation.

Weird KDE copy/select behavior

First, I use KDE, and the copy and paste behavior was driving me nuts.  If I copied text in an application with ctrl-c and then selected text with the mouse, my copied text would get clobbered by the selected text.  It turns out that the culprit was Klipper.   I made the functionality the way I wanted it by checking the ignore selection option in the Klipper configuration window (right click on Klipper icon in tray -> Conrigure Klipper).

Klipper Configuration

Default Browser for Tomboy

I like the Tomboy note taking program.  However, it was opening URLs in notes in Epiphany instead of Firefox.  Even though I run KDE for my desktop environment, since Tomboy is a Gnome app, I have to set the default browser for Gnome apps.  You can do this with the  gnome-default-applications-properties command.