different worlds

counter-innauguration protest. Washington, DC. January 2005.

Checkpoint. Hebron. March 2K6.

So these are two different groups of people, both trying to get through checkpoints. One is trying to go to school.  I’m not sure what we planned to do if we made it through the checkpoint in DC.  I wish I could come to some conclusion, but I think that there’s something in all of this, in considering the huge gap in reality between members of a black block in DC and school children in Israel/Palestine.  I guess some would say that the we were acting in solidarity with those Palestinian students when we were in the streets in DC.  And I guess I’m trying to think about the reality of that statement, and if there isn’t any, how do people in the US act in solidarity with those in Palestine or  [insert people in far-away country subject to US-supported oppression]?