HID + OSC + SooperLooper

I’ve always had trouble writing guitar leads, and lately, I’ve been having a horrible time writing lyrics.  I wanted to mess around with a software looper (I found that SooperLooper works well for my needs anyway, but found it was really great for my process as I could try different lyrics or guitar parts over a simple chord progression.  I found that I wanted pedal-like control over the looper, however, so I got a cheap USB game controller (Logitech Dual Action) and hacked together a PureData patch for controlling SooperLooper.  The patch doesn’t handle all the buttons on the controller and only controls the overdub and record functions of the looper, but that was all I needed for the moment.

The next step is to break the USB game controller out of it’s case and wire in more guitar-effects-style switches to make the controller into a performance-worthy tool.