books on community informatics and radical mathematics teaching that I want to read


  • Researching with Communities: Grounded perspectives on engaging communities in research Edited by Andy Williamson and Ruth DeSouza
  • Networked neighbourhoods : the connected community in context / Patrick Purcell (ed.).
  • Community informatics : shaping computer-mediated social relations / edited by Leigh Keeble and Brian D.
  • Social and community informatics : humans on the Net / Gunilla Bradley.


  • Rethinking mathematics : teaching social justice by the numbers / edited by Eric Gutstein and Bob Peterson.

Domain-Driven Design

Thomas said this book is paradigm shifting.

What little I know about Domain-Driven design makes me think about using Domain-Driven Design to teach computer science+social justice in the same way that the Algebra Project is trying to develop a math curriculum based on real-world stories that include social justice themes.

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